Production Company: Avalon PC
Directed by: Carla Simón
Script: Carla Simón, Valentina Viso, Aina Clotet
Director of photography: Gris Jordana
Art Director: Mónica Bernuy
Editor: Ana Pfaff
Music by: Ernest Pipó Canadell, La Casa Azul
Sound: Eva Valiño
Cast: Berner Maynés, Cristina Colom, Lluís Marqués, Núria Prims, Enric Auquer
Producer: María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz
Year: 2019
Country: Spain
Duration: 25’ 59’’
Genre: Fiction
Premiere date: March 15th, 2019



Alex arrives at a village bar looking for someone. Edu, who is 19, is dancing like a madman and is not expected to be picked up.






Carla Simón grew up in a small Catalan town. She studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and at the University of California. In 2011 she received a scholarship to study a master’s degree at the London Film School, where she directed Born Positive, Lipstick and Those Little Things. All of them were selected in various international film festivals. Her most personal short film was Lagunas, made through her mother’s letters

Estiu 1993 is Carla’s autobiographical debut about a 6-year-old girl who has just lost her mother and has to move to the countryside with her new family. It premiered at the Berlinale 2017, where it won the award for the best debut feature and the grand award of the Generation Kplus jury. The film has collected more than 30 awards around the world; She represented Spain at the Oscars, was nominated for the EFA and won 3 Goya. Carla was also awarded as the emerging talent Women in Motion at Cannes 2018.

Alcarràs is her second feature film in development, forming part of the Torino Film Lab, where she won the CNC award, the Cannes Residency, the Nipkow program and the Eurimages award at the Berlinale Co-Production Market.