Directed by: Sine Özbilge (co-directed by Imge Özbilge)
Animation: Sine ÖZBILGE, Sarah RATHE, Ine VAN DE VELDE, Eline MUYS
Script: Sine Özbilge
Editor: Sine Özbilge
Director of photography: Sine Özbilge
Music by: Remco WEYNS
Cast: Indra DE BRUYN, Darya GANTURA, Steven BOEN
Rendering: Lennert DE TAEYE
Sound: Thomas VERTONGEN
Year: 2019
Country: Belgium
Duration: 9’
Genre: Animation, Post-Net Satire
Premier date: April, 2019



A girl and her nihilist adventures in a parallel digital universe interlaced with speed dating, hipster culture and post-net attitudes






Sine Özbilge is a multidisciplinary Artist and Designer with a strong focus on Animation and Graphic Design. She holds a BA in ‘Design and Arts’ from the Libera Università di Bolzano FUB Italy, as well as an MA in ‘Animation’ from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK Belgium.

She has been mentored by Aldo Cibic at the Cibicworkshop – the contemporary successor of the renowned Italian Memphis Designer Ettore Sottsass – and has acquired valuable skills and project methodologies. Soon after her training she developed a passion for animation and decided to delve into the Art World in order to foster her artistic practices. She recently has completed her first professional animated short #21xoxo with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund – VAF as well as the production house Lunanime – the daughter company of Lumiere. 

In her works she creates obscure worlds where subconscious desires, conflicts and struggles metamorphose into absurd and surreal artworks. These often have a mixed media basis where animation and live-action metamorphose in order to explore new connotations and stylistic forms. Her work focuses on Femininity, the Subconscious, our Post-net Era and the theory of Absurdism.