Rosie existed and was a riveter. She became an icon in the United States since her image was used in the campaign to recruit working women for ammunition and weapon factories during the Second World War. She represents the period in which the American women dropped their “housewives” role to go out and work, became independent and earned their own salaries. Let’s follow their lead! WE CAN DO IT!

She was the woman who changed the course of Spanish history. She was one of the first female MPs in our country and the one who achieved the spanish women’s suffrage. We owe our right to vote today to her commitment, talent and virtue. Thank you, Clara, for all you’ve gifted us!

She was born a slave and fought tooth and nail for the abolition of slavery and the recognition of women’s human rights. Truth, a born activist, amazed us all with her strength and inexorable resilience. “Ain’t I a woman?”