Enjoy the incredible female filmmaking talent in our country and be the first to meet creators from all across the globe thanks to CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival, from the 16th to the 19st of December in Cine Rivoli, Palma and the 21st in Sala Equis, Madrid!

CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival focuses on female directors and screenwriters who work on short films of Balearic, National and International creation. In our festival, you will be able to find unique and exclusive films premiering in Spain.

At CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival we offer you fun, heart-warming, multidisciplinar, rewarding and commited content, along with stories from all over the world filled with sensitivity and awareness.

Also, your contribution is crucial to support and encourage our festival’s cinematographic creation. Every film and screening will be remunerated with a non-compete fee

We stand for change, for female creator visibility and for short film recognition. What do you stand for? 

Join CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival and start enjoying the seveth art in the best way posible!

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We want to help fight professional inequality, opportunity imbalance and the salary gap that exists in the filmmaking industry. We advocate for a more just, parity and empathic society.

And how do we intend on doing that? We’ll be hosting activities and meetings throughout the year to train and provide tools for the new professionals in the filmmaking industry. CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival isn’t just a showcasing platform for female filmmaking content, it’s so much more! The festival is a network of filmmakers, a community, a meeting point, a place to train, it is a multidisciplinar space with the objective of incentivising, promoting and boosting film creation. Wow! All of that? That, and much more.


We’ve already told you we share a comon objective: achieving true parity in the filmmaking industry. So, why film? Because we love it deeply and there’s still a long way to go to achieve what we want.  In addition, we want to contribute in another fight, and that is the one to specifically promote filmmaking in a short format. At CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival you are contributing to give them the space they deserve as a film entity itself.

We also want to let you know that this project has a completely feminist prespective. And what does that mean? It means it is after equality and it intends to showcase, give support and job opportunities to a collective that is still opressed by the patriarchy and the capitalist system.

It doesn’t make sense to us to go after all these objectives if it isn’t with equity, commitment, trust, tolerance and empathy towards everyone involved at CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival.

We would love for CONOFEST – International (Short) Film Festival and its objectives to reach as much people as possible. Also, we would like for this value exchange and content exchange to be as original and personal as possible.

Welcome to paradise! Want to join us?